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18 December 2014Show up resources

Show up Sunday

We want to see as many Christians as possible voting at the general election on 7 May, 2015.

So we're asking churches across the UK to get on-board with Show Up and take a few minutes to play the Show Up video and talk about why it's important for Christians to vote in the upcoming election - as well as engaging further with politics.

We'd encourage churches to take do this as part of their Sunday services, in a small group setting or get together with other local churches an host an evening where they could perhaps invite a speaker or have a panel discussion on the importance of getting involved with politics.

If you would like someone from the Evangelical Alliance to speak at your church in the lead up to the election please fill out this speaker request form.

Some churches may choose just to play the Show Up video (you can also download it from this link if you don't have access to the internet at your church). Others may also have their pastor speak for a few minutes after the video or interview a member of their church who is involved in politics in some way. It is entirely up to each church how they choose to participate. The key is to get involved however that may be.

We've worked with Christians in Politics to create some useful resources:

More information

If you'd like further information please contact our public policy officer Amelia Abplanalp at or 020 7520 3854